SCORE Final Conference at Fondation Universitaire
(Rue d'Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) on 15 March 2018 10.00-16.00

We invite you to participate at our conference, where we present and discuss the project’s results with a broad audience including our industry advisory board, representatives from the European Commission as well as further stakeholders. During the conference one session will be exclusively dedicated to sharing and discussing results with coordinators of other European projects as well as stakeholders from European Technology Platforms in order for them to receive input for their further work and activities and to increase future collaboration. An additional highlight will be the presentation and discussion of the results of the expert survey for which we received about 70 responses from experts across all transport modes. For further information, please have a look at the conference schedule.

SCORE at the TES conference 2017
(Bremen, Germany) from 7 to 8 November, 2017

The SCORE project is supporting two special sessions at the 6th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services on the 7-8 November 2017 in Bremen, Germany. Within the academic session and the industrial workshop several topics addressing cross-sector competitiveness and its impact on transport manufacturing will be presented and discussed. The Conference will bring experts and researchers in this area together to exchange ideas and progress in providing solutions to provide world-class capability to enable industry to deliver high value products with outstanding availability, predictability and reliability with the lowest life cycle cost.



The Coordination and Support Action "Scoreboard of Competitiveness of the European Transport Manufacturing Industry" (SCORE) will explore, assess and forecast how progress in research and development, new innovative technologies and future demand changes in combination with forthcoming geopolitical and geo-economic developments will affect the global competitive position of the European transport manufacturing industry.

The analysis will focus on the four major transport manufacturing industry's segments automotive, aeronautical, ship-building and rail rolling stock, all for carriage of passengers and freight, and has a time horizon up to 2030 (and partly to 2050).

The findings will be summarized and visualized in a so called scoreboard that indicates in an easily accessible way the current and future competitive position of the European transport manufacturing industries compared to their global rivals.

Subsequently, orientations for adjustments, changes and expansions of corporate innovation, production and investment strategies, EU industrial competitiveness policies and other measures will be provided.

For verification and validation, the SCORE project will seek extensively the assessments from an Industrial Advisory Board at various workshops.


The SCORE project consists of eight partners from seven countries in its core consortium.

In Order to keep the project lean, agile and productive, dedicated companies, think tanks and research institutes have been involved.

As many of them are key members of European associations and technology platforms working on transport and manufacturing issues or the relevant societal drivers, the recommendations by the project are based on thorough technical and economic assessments as well as industrial roadmaps and they can easily be leveraged.

List of participants:

Project objectives

The Coordination and Support Action “Scoreboard of Competitiveness of European Transport Manufacturing Industries” (SCORE) targets to:

...of the European transport manufacturing industries in the four segments automotive, aeronautics, ship-building and rail rolling-stock.
...for the targeted industries which are dynamics of industrial value chains, changing demand side requirements and economic analysis and forecast of competitiveness.
...which enter the established value chains with very agile organization forms, large financial resources and rapid globalization strategies.
...for European manufacturers; including e.g. aspects like complementary product services enabled by networking and big data analysis and economies-of-scale concepts. view of company-strategic opportunities, changing user demand and societal requirements as well as related economic implications. visualizing the current and future competitive position of the European transport manufacturing industries in comparison to their worldwide rivals in an easily accessible way, e.g. by means of a scoreboard.
...for securing and furthering the competitive position of the considered industries.
...,e.g. by publishing the results in a volume of the Springer book series “Lecture Notes in Mobility” and converting the methodology and the scoreboard into a self-sustaining service offer.


Project coordinator
Dr. Konstantin Konrad

VDI/VDE – Innovation + Technik GmbH
Department Future Technologies and Europe

Steinplatz 1
10623 Berlin


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